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Protection of privacy

1. The Tajfun Planina d.o.o. respects your privacy and undertakes to protect the personal data obtained through the online information system with care, and shall not disclose the personal data to third parties use it for other purposes without your consent. Because the online information system includes links to other, external websites, which are not related to the Tajfun Planina d.o.o. website, we assume no liability for the protection of data on such external websites.


2. Cookies include information on your website visits. When you visit the website, a cookies (file with information) is stored on your computer, which ensures simplicity and speed on one hand, but on the other hand represents an invasion of privacy or option for subsequent targeted advertising.

Cookie contents

3. Cookies include basic information on your visits to a specific website. It includes the name of your computer or your name, followed by the name of the visited website. Cookie contents are stores on your computer, in a special folder. By double-clicking on the file, you can view detailed information on the visited website, date and time of visit. All this data is also stored by the administrator of the visited website. This allows website administrators to learn a lot about your computer hardware and Internet usage.

4. Using settings, we can delete or exclude cookies, or define conditional use. Generally, browsers are set to accept cookies, while rejecting cookies originating from domains that do not match the visited website.

5. Tajfun Planina d.o.o. undertakes to protect data and privacy of website visitors to the best of its abilities. To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of gathered data, to maintain the accuracy of personal data and ensure its appropriate use, we use suitable technical and organisational procedures to protect the data we gather.

Cookies used on website www.shop.tajfun.com

1. System cookies

Cookie name
Purpose of use
Stores information on your cookie consent.
1 year
Tajfun Planina d.o.o.
Stores information on the current session (cart and similar).
until the end of session
Tajfun Planina d.o.o.

System cookies are integrated into the platform used, and will load in any event.

2. Analytical cookies

Cookie name
Purpose of use
Čas veljave
Google Analytics
(website visit statistics)
2 years
Google Inc.
Google Analytics
(website visit statistics)
1 minute
Google Inc.
Google Analytics
(website visit statistics)
1 day
Google Inc.

Analytical cookies will load only if you consented to the use of cookies. You can read more about cookies used by Google Analytics at: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cookie-usage

Disabling cookies

Users can independently decide whether or not to allow cookies. Cookie settings can be controlled and changed in your browser. Information on cookie settings (for different browsers) is available at the links below:

If you disable cookies, some website functionalities will be disabled.

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Our products are delivered to almost all EU Member States (except Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta)

If delivery to your country is not possible and you would still like to buy our products, please contact us on the following e-mail: marketing@tajfun.com. We will process your request as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.